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Postage Stamp

Using Photoshop, you will make either a stamp, or an information graphic or an appropriation-art poster. (The assignment options reflect various levels of difficulty based
on your level of capability with Photoshop.


Your stamp can be very free style or quite

formal. It must have a country name on it — real or imaginary — and a price, with or
without units. And it should have a shape that lends itself to printing in blocks. (Usually rectangular, but sometimes triangular, etc.)
You can either make a single stamp, or a block.
Stamps are small. Since this is an exercise, it is recommended that you work at a
comfortable size, and then shrink the results as needed. Remember that the actual
size for printing from a digital file is different from the size on a computer screen.
For a single stamp: 600 x 600 pixel file. RGB Color. Transparent Background. .PSD
format. Save a .jpeg copy for uploading to portfolio site.

Stamp Art from last semester from Martyna’s section

Stephanie Lopez

Milip Park

Ali Awad

George Mantzoutsos

Raymond Chen

External Links

Australia FIP World Stamp Exhibition 2013


Fédération Internationale de Philatélie

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