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Inspiring Media

At the beginning of each week two students will give a five to ten minute presentation about their favorite online projects.

Your presentation should speak about the aspects of the project that excite you most and explain why the projects resonate with your creative practice and professional goals.  You may place the work in a historical trajectory or summarize how we can learn from it.

Previously Discussed Work:

LAB 1- Angela

William Kentridge
Felix in Exile

William Kentridge on his process

Pain and Sympathy

On Johannesburg

William Kentridge describes Johannesburg, South Africa, providing a social and historical context for his animated films, including “Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City after Paris” (1989).

Excerpted from William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible, a new hour-long film from the producers of the Peabody-Award winning Art in the Twenty-First Century television series. The film gives viewers an intimate look into the mind and creative process of William Kentridge, the South African artist whose acclaimed work has made him one of the most dynamic and exciting contemporary artists working today.

Jonathan Harris

Whale Hunt

Boaz Paldi

Film Something Every Day

Magnum Photography

In Motion


Lab 3- Feb 18- Sam and Sarah

365 Heartbeats Project

Love Life



Lab 4- Feb 25- Helena and Dina

Lab 5- March 3

Lab 6- March 10- Robert and James

Weblog Cartoons

Lab 7- March 17- Mimi and Alex

Lab 8- March 24

Lab 9- March 31

Lab 10- April 21

Section 008

Lab 3- Feb 18

Lab 4- Feb 25- Jeremy and Jung ae

Lab 5- March 3

Lab 6- March 10-

Lab 7- March 17- Chelsea and Edwin

Lab 8- March 24- Angelica and Dan

Lab 9- March 31- Giovanni and Casey

Lab 10- April 21 – Kenny and Richard

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