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Guidelines for Critique

by Professor Portlock
What is the artist trying to accomplish by making the work? What are they attempting to communicate in their work?
Is the artist successful at accomplishing what you think their goals are for their work? If not why is the work not accomplishing the artist intended goal? Can the goal be accomplished in a better way? 
Is the work doing something different than what the artist thinks their work is doing?
Unless a work of art is the best work of art you have ever seen there is always some aspect of it that can be improved. Unless a work of art is the absolutely worst example of art that has ever been made there is always some aspect of it that is successful. In almost every case work is some combination of successful elements and elements that can be improved.
If you think something is good or bad be able to explain why. No one is allowed to only say something is good or “I like it” without saying why.
If you don’t know what you think or feel about a work of art that is a valid comment. What is it about the work that makes it difficult to have a particular idea or feeling about it? Is the vocabulary the artists uses for a specialized audience? Does something about the work need to be bolder?
Interesting critiques happen when people bring ideas from different experiences and viewpoints. I come from an art background and much of my thinking is formed by that experience. Someone who comes from a scientific or journalistic background might have different things to say that are equally valid.

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