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Extra Credit Assignment A

This is an assignment conceived by section leader, Martyna.  Please choose either A or B.

Extra Credit Assignment A

Due at the end of the semester

Please start as early as possible…

Interview a person who works in the professional career that you are planning to pursue:

1) Think about the specific professional careers that you are interested in pursuing.
2)  Research people who work in these careers and contact them for an interview.
3) Meet with on person (in physical space, or via email / skype) and conduct an interview.

If you have an idea of a specific career but you don’t know anyone in this field, contact me, and I will help to match you with the right interview partner. 

Step 1
Set up a new page on your blog with the title “Interview Project”
Write an outline and email me the link before you conduct the interview.
I want to give you feedback and provide additional resources.

Write an outline for your ideas
– Who would you like to interview?
– Why would you like to interview this particular person/people?
– What kind of questions would you like to ask? What kind of topics interest you?
– What kind of questions would be related to new media?
– What kind of format will you pick for your interview? Writing? Video? Skype Interview? Audio? Don’t be afraid of hybrid formats.

Step 2
Conduct and record the interview.

Step 3
Post it on your blog and email me the link.

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