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Classroom Rules

Read the Syllabus: 

Please read the syllabus.  You can avoid unnecessary confusion and worry, if you peruse the syllabus. If there are big changes to the syllabus, we will announce them in lecture or at the beginning of lab.

Be on time:
If you come late, sign the attendance sheet after the class is over.
If you come late three times it will equal one absence and affect your grade.

The lectures and the discussion sections complement each other. Both parts of the class are mandatory. Please contact me as soon as possible if you have a conflict that will prevent you from attending class and I will determine whether or not to deem it an excused absence. Two unexcused absences will lower your grade.

Respect Deadlines:
If you anticipate trouble completing an assignment, approach me before the deadline.

Please proofread your work and proofread your emails.  Not only is it a very important habit for the work world and even graduate school, if that is a path you choose, it also saves me time.  Most importantly, your auto-editing improves your own writing.

Cite your sources- another important habit for life in Hunter and beyond.

Correspondence and Communication:
My contact: alasalle@hunter.cuny.edu

Most teachers appreciate good email etiquette.  When corresponding with me, please use a proper salutation with my name.  Then, if you are asking a question, please be specific, include your section number and sign your name.  Lastly, glance it over before you hit send.

I will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.  If you don’t hear back from me within 4 days, please send me a reminder or approach me in class.

Please feel welcome to approach me with questions, concerns, ideas, comments.

For some questions, you can also contact your class partner. 

Have Fun and Be Inspired
One of the best parts about being in school is that you are in a safe space where you can come up with new ideas, collaborate and get inspired.

Each week one lab pair will present an artist, media maker or article that relates to the current course unit.



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